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Céad mile fáilte
(A hundred thousand welcomes)
                                     to the Region web site,
which covers Western Canada (BC), The states of Alaska, Washington , Oregon , Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado.

A Message from our Regional Chieftain

Fáilte romhat ar Clann Cian ( Welcome to Clan Cian ) .

I am Patrick J. H. Durnin a Regional Chieftain of Clan Cian .

Our Chief of name is Eli O' Carroll, he is the only Irish Chief of name , who resides in the United States of America.

"The O' Carrolls " have been the leading family of Clan Cian as far back as history as one can go.

The Main Goal of Clan Cian is to reunite all people of blood heritage once again under one banner.

The second goal is to offer any person of Irish heritage, male or female, the opportunity to join a rapidly growing, well organized Irish Clan.

We offer a life time membership, in lieu of the typical yearly memberships that both Irish and Scottish clans or organizations offer today.

Addition to that when an individual joins the Clan the spouse and children ( under the age of 18) are members of the Clan.

Membership fee is $ 70.00.
The is a real bargain when one considers the alternative of yearly membership .

Once an individual ( bloodline or dependent Sept. )
joins they have the same opportunity to advance in the clan  from ranks from member to Chieftain. It depends on the Individual.

The third goal is promote all things Celtic: The heritage ( genealogy ) , the Gaelic language , the dance , The music , the crafts , the sports, and the hospitality.

The fourth goal is the education and introduction of all children to their Celtic Irish heritage, children are the future of all clans.

A representative of Clan Cian maybe found at about any Scottish / Irish / Celtic festival or game in the United States of America and in Parts of Canada. Or Contact one here on the net Contact us or here Clan Cian officers world wide

Look for our tent at any Highland Game or Celtic event, stop by for some excellent Irish hospitality, conversation and information

Sláinte agus saol agat!
( health and life to you )
Beir bua agus beannacht,
( best wishes )

Patrick J. H. Durnin
Regional Chieftain

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