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What is Clan Cian and the Mission
Cianachta or Clan Cian, is one of the ancient to modern, recognized Clans in Ireland. Dating from the 200's A.D.
It is dedicated to the preservation of the Eile O'Carroll Territory or Carroll Kingdom of Eile O'Carroll's History. Representing Carroll~O'Carrolls, inclusive of all the related, Family Septs, Dependent Family Septs of Eile O'Carroll and other Parts of Ireland, and Worldwide.
Cianachta, Clan Cian has an Appointed Council of Chieftains and Clan Officers that preside over certain designated Regional Areas, appointed by The O'Carroll, Chief of Eile.
Cianachta, Clan Cian is Headed by the recognized Ard Tiarna. F.J. O'Carroll, of Eile O'Carroll, Chief of Name.
Chief Eile, descends the Ancient, Princes of Eile O'Carroll. Eile (Ely) O'Carroll Kingdom in the Heart of Southern Ireland
Not all of the current recognized Chiefs on the Standing Council live in Ireland, The O'Carroll currently resides in the United States.
The Name, Cianachta in Irish, means the Race of Cian, and so-called, Clan Cian in English.
In Ireland the term "Clan" refers to the people of an area, whereas in Scotland a "Clan" is more composed of family. In ancient Ireland, the old kingdom in which the Cianachts inhabited, included many family surnames. Of those families, the powerful Carrolls were overlords, or kings. Today, the desendants of those kings are called Chiefs. A few of the other families which resided within the kingdom of the Carrolls were the O'Carrolls, O'Meaghers, O'Caseys, O'Haras, and O'Garas. All of these family surnames, and related septs, are members of the Clan of Cian, or Cianachts.

The Mission

Our Mission is to educate and promote all things Celtic: The heritage
( genealogy ) , the Gaelic language , the dance , the music , the crafts , the sports and most of all the history.